i cant help but think if youre sorry that you hurt me or sorry that you got caught lying…..

They gonna try and bring you down, hatin what you do

But you gotta keep a smile, stay up on your move

Live free, live free, live free, live free, live free

They gonna try and tell you no, shatter all your dreams

But you gotta get up, go to bigger, better things

Live free, live free, live free, live free, live free

"By not standing up for yourself you do not avoid conflict, you create a larger one."           -Winston Churchill

I’m just an asshole…I thought I could change and I was doing everything to try and change..but I couldn’t apparently..especially cuz nobody tries to convince me im not anymore..became one last year and still am one..ppl are lik varshav ur a good kid..but lik I’m not..I’m a dick..just masking it a lot…so I’m sorry everybody for my behavior and that’s all I can really say or do

I’m gonna sleep realllly good tonightt!! Hahaha wordd

i miss the days when we could talk about absolutely everything…but the thing is…we should still be able to do that…i want that back…i really want that back…and we can get it back…we can i know we can

I know that its not okay…i know that everything isnt fine…i know that everything is not alright…i know…i know and ive always known and i always will know..i just miss sometimes when i would hear why…when i would know what was going on inside your head…i miss when we knew everything about eachother…it just hurts the most because i know that everything is not okay and that you wont even trust me enough to tell me why, because i would try my absolute hardest to make it so that you feel better



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If i dont have someone that cares about me to tell me not to do things that would be bad for me…i will freak out…somehow no matter how tough i act..i always need a mother figure telling me what to do..because if i dont i become a devil child…smoke weed and get drunk…things like that…just irresponsible…its kinda like peter pan…when they all need a mother figure to tell them and watch them and be good to them and care for them…i need that in my life…it gives me a sense of purpose

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